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The results of the qualifying round

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The results of the qualifying round
July 17, 2012

The Qualifying round of the International Youth Festival of short films and animations «METERS» finished!
70 films from 23 countries included in the list of finalists.
The authors of these movies are invited to participate in the festival. The Jury will watch movies
and decide who will win.

The festival will be held  in October 2012 in Tver, Russia.

We thank all the festivals, film companies and production centers, who collaborated with us.
Special thanks to "The Animation Workshop" (Denmark), "Artkino" (Russia), "One short film fest" (Belarus), Affreux, Sales & Méchants Productions (France).

Attention filmmakers!
All participants who sent only a link to the online viewing  should send their films files in good quality 
to meters-fest@mail.ru (a download link) or via mail to 170 039, Russia, Tver, the mail box № 15, ANO "Media". 


   A minuit tour s'arrete
France, 11:00
Director - Just Philippot

   A Twist Of Fate
Belarus. 8.10
Director - Alina Starkov

   Last night, This morning
Brazil, 12:00
Director - Daniel Barosa

France, 14:49
Director -  Thierry Nevez

   Los colors de Helena
Argentina, 11:33
Director - Anna Paula Htsnig

   Moon Stars Lovers
India, 10:00
Director - Jessica Sadana

   Orlandina Uber Alles
Russia, 14:26
Director - Michael Chernyak

   The Shot
UK, 05:18
Director - Miren Patel

 Wild west women
Russia, 05:00
Director - Galich Ekaterina

Kazakhstan, 15:00
Director - Oner Beibit

 The White Square
Estonia, 15:00
Director - Ivan Pavlyuchkov

 Бульварное Чтиво
Russia, 13:57
Director - George Staroverov

  Включи мотор и сдай назад
Russia, 03:48
Director - Andrew Zagidullin

 The Breakfast
Russia, 08:24
Director -  Roman Bauer 

Azerbaijan, 15:00
Director - Zaur Gasimli 

Russia, 09:00
Director - Vadim Viner

Russia, 15.00
Director - Edward Bordukov

Ukraine, 05:11
Director - Gosteva Anastasia

 Marcella from Rome
Russia, 14:40
Director - Natalia Nikolaenko

 Mikoline field
Ukraine, 14:27
Director - Elizabeth Klyuzko

 Na majake
Ukraine, 12:15
Director - Zaets Bogdan

 Hand Charm
Russia, 15:00
Director - Yuri Titov

 The Inverted Forest
Russia, 08:35
Director - Spiridonov, Denis

 The Roster
Russia, 11:12
Director - Maxim Ivanov 

 Pleasures of treason
Russia, 10:40
Director - Natalia Glumnushina

 The spot
Director - Igor Chojna

 Where the stars are found
Russia, 10:00
Director - Dmitry Mayorov

Ukraine, 15:00
Director - Artemenko Oksana, Marina Artemenko

Russia, 08:35
Director - Pavel Zharkov


  Children of Kabul
USA, 08:32
Director -Jawad Wahabzada

 Old School
Director - Karimova Svetlana

 The Ogre Island Festival 
Japan, 15:00
Director - Mile Nagaoka

 The captain is always the captain
Russia, 15:00
Director - Vasily Kovalevsky

Russia,  13:38
Director - Julia Parfentieva


USA, 07:55
Director - Carlos Lopez Estrada

  Herr Hoppe and the Nuclear Waste
Germany, 04:17
Director - Thorsten Lцffler

  Isodora Crane -  Incinerate
Belarus, 5:15
Director - Andrew Levkovich

  I will find you
Russia, 03:50
Director - Andrew Bakhurin

Denmark, 5:30
Director - David René Christensen

  The Brute's Passion
Netherlands, 03:30
Director - René Hoekstra

  Ride of Passage
Denmark, 04:56
Director -  Christian Bøving-Andersen

  Slug Invasion
Director - Morten Helgeland, Casper Wermuth

Denmark, 06:05
Director -  Adrian Dexter

Denmark, 4:49
Director -  Asger Grevil, Mette Vestergaard Madsen

 The Astronauts
Russia, 03:44
Director - Vickie Eugene

 The Phantom of the Night ..
Ukraine, 10:37
Director - Pavel Bondarenko

  Необычная картина
Russia, 04:07
Director - Sergey Posokhin


Russia, 01:30
Konstantin Konovalov & Irina Neustroeva

France, 01:50
Director - Alary Romain & Levi Antoine

  Think Brilliance
Mexico, 00:57
Director -Diego Hernandez De la Rocha

 The ships
Russia, 05:53
Director - Anna Ovanesova

 The parallels
Russia, 03:27
Director - Larissa Kanterman


  Adrenalin - Madam
Russia, 03.39
Director – Sabitov Bulat

  Conversation In G Minor
Belgium, 05:40
Director -Camille Meynard & Alana Osbourne

  I Feel Love Again
Spain, 04:00
Director -Andrés Bartos

  Neon lights "1000"
Russia, 03:31
Director – Rvanova Anna

Russia, 04:11
Director – Bakulin Dmitriy

 Platone - Plato
Italy, 02:12
Director -Antonino Valvo

Russia,  3.40
Director – Chirkona Karina

  Sofia Ezziati & the Seagulls - Seers
Russia, 3:37
Director – Chukhov Pavel

  Stereotok - О тебе
Russia,  04:44
Director – konshin Igor

 Moscow Windows
Russia, 04:57
Director – Ermolin Aleksander

Director – Karabanova Kseniya

The glass of milk
Russia, 05:10
Director - egor Chichkanov 

Russia, 03:15
Director  Grusha Stepan

Мирра Голд - Улетела 
Режиссёр - Павел Буряк  

Керри - Милая
Режиссёр - Геннадий Буто

Режиссёр - Soyuz_madstyle

Режиссёр – Евгений Еремеев