November 29–30


The International Youth Festival of Short Cinema and Animation "METERS"
invites young authors - everybody who made short films.

18-35 years old from all over the world - to participate
in the 6th Festival 2014!!!!!

 "METERS" is hold annually in TVER - one of Russian ancient cities located between Moscow and St. Petersburg.

The following short cinema genres are available:
 - feature,
 - documentary,
 - animation, 
 - experimental films,
 - music videoclips.

The timing - not more than 15 minutes.

The nominations are the following: 

  • Best feature film;
  • Best animated film;
  • Best Documentary;
  • The best experimental film / video art;
  • The best music video (timing - not more than 5 minutes);
  • Best Director;
  • Best Cinematography award;
  • The best scenario;
  • Best Actor;
  • Best Actress;
  • Best Editing;
  • Best Sound Design (composers, sound engineers). 

Another videos are NOT accepted in the competition of the festival.

The winner receives diploma of the winner of festival, the festival figurine and  prizes which will be given by sponsors.

This year the festival will pass in the 6th time. Last years the festival program included films of directors from Russia, Belarus, Ukraine, Kazakhstan, Poland, Serbia, Czechia, Slovakia, Bulgaria,  Germany, Denmark, England,  Avtraliya, Argentina.

The International Youth Festival of Short Cinema and Animation "METERS" is a platform for communication and knowledge exchange between young filmmakers and professionals- directors, critics, producers and actors.

It is not only a Festival, it is a workshop.

All the Vip Guests and members of Jury will be holding special master classes for the participants.

Festival " METERS " is the space where the spectator has the opportunity to meet the section of modern short cinema and animation that is representing the authors of new generation.

The 2014 Festival promises to bring you another three glorious days crammed with film demonstrations, special events and parties.


-How to become a participant?

- EASY!!!!! 

Qualifying Stage:

  1. Please complete the on-line ENTRY FORM sending 3 best snapshots from the movie and the photo of the author.
  2. Send us your film copy in an adequate quality via internet  (avi or mp4 (for at least 1280 * 720 * 25p).


Please provide your film with RUSSIAN subtitles.

It is not difficult - Address for the help to students who study foreign languages. We think they will be glad to help the young director to translate your scenario.

If your film is not in English please provide your film ENGLISH subtitles too. 

At the last resort send the script on English to festival to our translators to made subtitles.

DEADLINE 01.08.2014

All films take part in the qualifying round! We will report the results by e-mail.

Remember!!! The deadline of the qualifying stage is now postponed till the 1st of  August 2014. 
So the 1st of August 2014 is the last day we accept your films.

 Thank you for your attention to our Film Festival!

There is an error on the screen sometimes after you have filled the application. This is a technical error image. In fact, we get all of the applications. Our programmers are now correcting the error. If error is displayed - do not send again! Our supervisor will contact you and confirm receipt of your application within a week.

Welcome to the festival!
The organizers will provide two meals and lodging of participants at the hotel (3 days - Friday, Saturday, Sunday). Participants pay their trip themselves

The Entry form you may download here 


Information about the author

Name* :

Country* :

City* :

Age* :

Education* :

Filmography /if applicable/,
Participation in other festivals /if applicable/ (short)

Studio or creative group (if applicable):

Information about the film

Film crew* :

(operator, script, cast, special effects, computer graphics, music etc.) (You should indicate full names such as Andrew Pugovkin instead of A.Pugovkin)

Title (original and English)* :

Genre * :

(feature, documentary, animation, experimental (video-art) and music video)

Running time* :

Year of production* :

Annotation* :


Phone* :

Е-mail* :

Postal address:

Other means of communication:

Please attach 2-3 freeze-frames of the film and your portrait photo

I have read and accept the Conditions of the Festival

The Festival holds Special shows aimed to introduce short films to the audiences in other countries. Show already took place in Munchen (Germany, 2009), Berlin (Germany, 2010), Nizhny Novgorod (2010), Saint-Petersburg (2010), Kazan (2010), Kharkov (Ukraine, 2011), Tula (2011) and other cities. Are you ready to participate in shows? Respond in the form below:

I allow to demonstrate the film during
Special shows.

I do not allow to demonstrate the film during
Special shows.